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Kabezoe – Between Walls

(Schoolism) Stephen Silver’s Intro to Character Design
Week 4 of the amazing course, with a big help from Silver’s book “The Silver Way”

Week 2 from Stephen Silver’s Fundamentals of Character Design.
NAME: Dr. Jekyll
WHO: Doctor
AGE: in his 30’s, maybe 50’s
WHERE: Shanghai, 1920
PERSONALITY: Alcoholic, smokes, stubborn, structured, gaunt, unhappy with his lot in life.
CLOTHING: Doctor jacket, tight formal clothes
LOOK: Thin, gaunt, slightly misshapen.
NAME: Mr. Hyde
WHO: Doctor
AGE: in his 30’s
WHERE: Shanghai, 1920
PERSONALITY: Party Animal, smokes, exciting, fit, hair messy, mischievious
CLOTHING: Doctor jacket, tight (Now unbuttoned) formal clothes
LOOK: Fit, hair slicked back, clean face

First post of this blog! I recently finished this painting and wanted to share my process!