Weep for Day is a short story by Indrapramit Das. In this world, the sun and moon are permanent fixtures, meaning Night and Day are more locations than periods of time.
This is the story of Valyzia and Velag. Two siblings torn apart by beliefs towards Nightmares; creatures caught in a war between the realms of Night and Day.

  • Role Art Direction / Visual Development
  • For Personal Project
  • Date Jan 2017
  • Type Visual Development

As a child, Valyzia has always been afraid of everything, but none more so than the creatures they call Nightmares, a race that have fought against the civilizations of Man for well over a century. Dark and well camouflaged against the backdrop of Night's desolate deserts, Valyzia has always been brought up to be afraid of these creatures.

Yet the day her father brings her to see one in the flesh, all she could see was a broken animal, withered and frail. From then on, she seeks to understand them and to bring two war torn peoples together.

In the military academy, Valyzia and Velag part ways having very different views on the approach towards Nightmares.

Two spectrums: Valyzia building bridges, Velag building conflict.